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About Precision Productions 

Precision Productions LLC was founded in 2016. We are Corporate Content Creators focused on telling a story that will captivate your clients. We focus on creating high quality & engaging brand stories that are specifically designed for your target audience, visually exceed expectations, and produce tangible results. Every day we are striving to visably improve the world through media.

Meet the Team


Joshua Gipson

Creative Director

I worked vigorously on marketing, networking and doing what I could to gain a client or two. It was a long road, but just two years later, and with my wife’s blessing, I was able to put in my 2-week notice. On April 14th, 2018 to be exact, I stepped out on faith and left my position. It was one of the most freeing and frightening things I had ever done. As I clocked out for the last time I asked myself; Was this the right decision? Would I be a failure or would I succeed? What would be next in my story? The answer to those questions are unfolding as we speak, and I must say I’m having the best time of my life.


Nate Miller

Animator & Production Assistant

My name is Nate Miller. I grew up here in Michigan, and have loved making things for as long as I can remember. As I got older, I gravitated toward drawing and painting as a means to satisfy my creative impulses. I studied illustration at Northern Michigan University and fell in love with visual storytelling as a means to communicate. My playful spirit is evident in my artwork, as is my passion for communicating important ideas. I am thrilled to be working with Precision Productions as the Animation Intern to help tell important stories.


Sean Peterkin

Cinematographer & Production Assistant

Sean Peterkin here. I Started delving into photography since 2017. Within a few months my creativity skyrocketed, and I could not stop creating. Fast forward 3 years, the passion has allowed me to display my photos in galleries as well as GQ magazine. Additionally, I discovered my immense passion for videography and film after taking documentary classes at my alma mater, Kalamazoo College. I still continue to create mini side projects and films to satisfy my passion in this art. Incredibly excited to be working with Precision Productions to bring people’s ideas and stories to life.